Insurance PolicyOne of the most important part of buying a new home is situating the home insurance. Figuring out the right amount of coverage to buy is essential to protecting your home and your assets. Knowing and understanding the most commonly known claims on homeowner policies can help you determine what extra protection you need where to put it.

Fires can go up in a matter of minutes, destroying all your precious belongings. Insure your house and personal belongings are at replacement cost rather than actual cash value. With this, premiums are higher. Nonetheless, a higher premium is better than losing everything.

Water damage is a huge factor to consider while thinking about home insurance. Broken pipes, a clogged drain, leaky room or a running faucet can all cause terrible water damage. If serious, the main structural support of your new swimming pool of a home could be compromised. Standard homeowner policies do not insure against flood, so make sure you purchase supplemental insurance to protect your home in case of an emergency.

Wind and hail are definitely something to watch for as well. Wherever you live, your home is an open target for the dreaded weather. Coastal states tend to suffer through hurricanes; the plains have tornadoes; blizzards affect the north. Your house’s’ exterior will most likely suffer damage in serious storms, so make sure your coverage limits and deductible are prepared for high-cost repairs.

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