Obtaining life insurance when you are young and healthy is an easy task. As you age, it becomes a much harder task depending on the number of health problems you have experienced. The cheapest life insurance rates apply to those who are in good health and who have a family history of good health. Those individuals who take certain medicines, or engage in risky behavior such as skydiving, smoking or who are overweight may be excluded from these cheap insurance rates and can pay up to 50% more than preferred rates.

Although being involved in the above behaviors may not get you the lowest rate that you want, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to get life insurance at all. All this means is that your rates will skyrocket immensely. If an individual has a condition that increases these rates, look into multiple insurance companies because one company may estimate the risk of your condition to be worse than others.

Lying about negative information to your insurance company is a bad idea and can get you into a lot of trouble. If you smoke or have a health condition be honest even if you think you can get away with it. Insurance companies are allowed to investigate suspicious claims and you can get denied a claim. Not only that, but you could get taken to court and spend lots of money in court fees.

Obtain help from an advisor and they will give you information to the best of their knowledge. They will be able to help you pick out an insurance company that provides a policy with the lowest rate for you and whatever condition it is you may have.  To learn more about health insurance and the policies we can provide for you, be sure to visit Brazelton Insurance Group.