Considering life insurance is an intimidating ordeal. Many people question whether they need it, if it’s worth it, and how long they’ll need it. When considering investing in life insurance, its purpose is a troubling thought. Nonetheless, considering your need for it is comforting during certain periods of your life. Brazelton Insurance Group can help you consider a policy perfect for you.

If you have young children, having life insurance coverage can protect your children in case of an untimely death. If you’re using your life insurance policy as a safeguard for your children, you won’t need your policy forever. When your children are living independently, supporting themselves and requiring no financial assistance, life insurance for their protection is no longer necessary. When your children are young, purchasing a twenty-year policy is usually a safe term to consider.

For protection of your spouse, you’ll want your policy to cover all your lost income before retirement age. Just like life insurance for your children’s benefit, buying life insurance for your spouse’s protection will not be needed forever. You’ll only need to have coverage till you turn retirement age. After this your spouse would be covered by Social Security and other retirement savings.

Other life situations can also require life insurance, like estate-planning or providing additional income to relatives. Discuss a suitable life insurance policy for your family today, contact Brazelton Insurance Group.