As we enter the fourth quarter and 2014 nears, anyone lacking a health care plan will pay a penalty. The rates start at $95 for individuals, $285 for families of three or more, or 1% of taxable income – whichever’s greater. If you wait on it longer, the rates will certainly rise steadily. These penalties are avoidable though, so don’t wait until the penalties roll in. Brazelton Insurance Group outlines some of your options.

Group Plans: Most people get their health insurance coverage from their employer. While most businesses provide health coverage for their employees, companies with fewer than 50 employees aren’t required to offer health insurance. If you’re an employer, consider offering group health insurance; it can get your small business a tax break.

Individual Plans: With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) nearing, insurance companies will capitalize on the broader and more diverse market. We’re committed to providing affordable insurance policies. Our insurance professionals are knowledgable and reputable and will provide guidance to the most suitable policy.

State Exchanges: By October 1, 2013 every state will have an insurance exchange website. One of the biggest changes from the ACA is the creation of this community: a place for individuals and small business to find health insurance plans in their area. Our insurance professionals can help you navigate these insurance exchange websites and access online support in time for next year’s change.

Medicaid: Depending on the State you live in and your financial background, you could be eligible for Medicaid. This program is geared to families living below the poverty line, making health insurance available to all.

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